What is SUP?

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle boarding

Do I need a wetsuit?

You don’t need a wetsuit! A wetsuit is only good if it is wet. Fairly simple idea. As you paddle and stand up out of the water you will end up getting hot and uncomfortable. If you are SUPing in the surf, sure wear a wetsuit. But whilst on the flat water it is not helpful. Even if you do fall in you get back up in the board and dry off fast.

Safety gear?

In Tasmania the Laws state that ‘SUPs’ are categorised as ‘a recreational vessel under 6m long.’ Therefore, we need to wear a life jacket unless in a surf zone. You dont legally need to wear a leg rope/leash. So when you come for a SUP session with Derwent ValleySUP you will be required to wear a life jacket and also a leg rope. We believe that a legrope is more important than a life jacket.

Do we do ‘dry hire’?


How long does a session/class last?

The class times are booked on a minimum of 1hr but can be booked for longer. 15min getting some tuition on the grass then 45min on the water (times are approx). For beginners we find 1hr is a good start.

Refunds/bad experience?

If you are unhappy with your experience learning to SUP with Derwent Valley SUP school we just ask that you bring up the issue with the Instructor. A full refund of your cost will be made. We ask that you talk to us before going to Social Media as it is not a good look and we don’t want have unhappy clients. Hopefully we can sort out the issue straight away and part company happy.

Bad Weather?

In the case of Bad Weather Derwent Valley SUP school will endeavour to either schedule or refund the cost of the session.


things happen and we understand but we ask that you give 24hrs notice for a cancelation. We dont take prepayments so that does help.

If you have any further questions please contact us [email protected]